Clients Comments


Comments from our clients: 

6th May 2016

I am humbled to have had an opportunity to fly with Airkenya on 28th April 2016 from Wilson Airport to Manda Airstrip in Lamu.

We were seven people flying at the same time... We left the airport around 2.45pm flown by two ladies. It was my first time flying Airkenya, before taking off from Wilson Airport one of the two pilots cautioned us that we may land in Malindi because the weather was not very good in Lamu, indeed it was true because we encountered heavy clouds but they were able to manoeure through the clouds and finally we landed safely in Manda.

The landing was perfect and very smooth, everybody clapped for the two pilots, we were very happy, I am a regular flyer within and overseas but I can't remember the time when I was flying I experienced such a landing.

We flew back from Manda on 29th April 2016 at 4.00pm, there was heavy rains in Nairobi for that reason the pilot cautioned us that we may land at JKIA.  I think because of poor visibility at Wilson, fortunately we landed safely at Wilson, the flight attendant was very friendly and humourous.

Please pass my regards to all of them, I will definitely fly again with Airkenya.

Mr Lazarus Opicho, SS,HSC


March 2016

A couple of months ago (March 18, 2016 to be exact), I brought of group of 30+ students from Nairobi to Malindi and then back again.

I wanted to let you know that Morrison and Abubakar did a TERRIFIC job in Malindi with our group.  They worked quickly, efficiently, and with a smile.  I was very impressed with their customer service.

I would not be afraid for even a minute to bring another group on a flight with your airline.

Thank you!

John Leonard, Rosslyn Academy


“We enjoyed the helicopter rides and Capt Sarah Snell was very good, including to Kongoni lodge and the drive around there and liked what they do, and i may come back and volunteer there if possible,”  Daryl & Lois, Jan 2016


Airkenya,Thank you for all your super efficiency and assistance with this group – it all went so smoothly and I am so thankful to you. Please do convey our sincere appreciation to your entire team. Meeting you was truly one of the highlights of this trip for me!How blessed we were. Mara